Get It, Girl: Martha Stewart Maybe Admitted to Having a Threesome

Illustration for article titled Get It, Girl: Martha Stewart emMaybe/em Admitted to Having a Threesome

Martha, Martha, Martha. You are making the most of this summer, girl! You tried out online dating, you bragged about rolling the perfect joint and now you're going on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and — in a special game of "Did Martha Do It" — telling the whole world about how you sext, have one night stands and have maaaaaybe had a threesome. Maybe? You know that's just a coy way of saying yes, right? Now we just need to know who it was with. (My money's on Snoop Lion and the perfectly folded fitted sheet.)


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I think it's great that she's widely publicizing the fact that not only do women 'of a certain age' have sex, they both want and enjoy it.

Trust me, when you hit the age when the thought of your bondage pictures accidentally leaking out is met with a 'meh', your sex life enjoyment increases dramatically.