Get Excited for Mistresses, Your New Favorite Sex-n-Trash TV Show

It's like ABC knew that you haven't had enough Alyssa Milano in your life lately, or that you desperately miss Sun from Lost and really wish that she had gotten a chance to be sexy on that show, or that Rookie Blue isn't enough to keep you going through a long summer slump of television because BEHOLD: here is Mistresses, a remake of the BBC show by the same name (the first season of which you can – of course – watch on Netflix).


In a blurb that sounds something like a Lifetime special, ABC wants to "Welcome [you] to a provocative and thrilling drama about the scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery, as they brave the turbulent journey together."

If the title wasn't a subtle enough hint about what to expect from Mistresses, a rundown: you've got your usual lawyer trying to have a baby with her husband while also trying to make partner (Milano's character), her younger sister the party girl (Jes Macallan, who has been on Shameless and Grey's Anatomy), their widowed best friend (Rochelle Aytes, unfortunately carrying the burden of having Work It on her resume) and the therapist sleeping with her patient (Yunjin Kim). Maybe it'll be like a sexier, summer version of Lipstick Jungle or Cashmere Mafia or a female version of another cancelled ABC show Big Shots.

Not withstanding Mistresses' low chance of renewal, everyone should be excited about this "salacious new drama about a group of friends caught in storms of excitement and self-discovery, secrecy and betrayal, and bound by the complex relationships they've created." Watching it will probably be like finding pretty unpleasant water in the dry desert that is summer television, but there's nothing else around so you'll drink it and it won't be so bad until you realize you should finally just get around to watching The Wire or something.

Except that the dudes are hot. So there's that.



i've got a storyline to pitch:

in this is heart-stopping series, we follow four women as they try to find their way through life. jill, a mother of two, is happily married but still doesn't know how to keep the chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of her muffins. katelyn is a nurse and when she's not saving lives on the front line, she's being verbally assaulted on her online dating profile. audrey lives with her girlfriend and their dog, all while having her bi-polar disorder under control. julie feels bad that she might be perpetrating unrealistic standards of beauty as she's a graphic designer for a major woman's magazine.

tune in next week, when the ladies get brunch and talk about how much they admire glenn close on damages but totally could never be that heartless. and that see-through yoga pants thing.