Get All Fired Up Because Pat Benatar Is Going to Have a Broadway Musical

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Pat Benatar’s life and music will be retold through her own songs and some fun staging on Broadway soon. The as yet untitled musical will focus on her relationship with husband Neil Giraldo, as their love was the greatest battlefield of all.


Deadline reports that the show is being produced by Jamie Cesa, of Pippin and Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, and the book is being written by Gary Lennon. Lennon has worked on fun, musical fluff like Power, Orange Is The New Black, Justified, and The Shield.

Giraldo was Benatar’s lead guitarist when they fell in love, and they continue to tour together. The creators of the new production say it will follow their ups and downs as Benatar shoots to the top of the charts, and the energy will be “fast paced, hard-hitting and heartbreaking.” What I really want to know about is the choreography:

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Aren't they famous for being the nice and boring couple? I'm not saying it to be mean because I love their music but I don't really get what the central struggle will be. They've been together since before she was famous and they seem like a nice, normal couple. That doesn't make for terribly interesting plots...