Get a Good Look at What to Expect From Samantha Bee's Full Frontal

Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal just dropped another preview segment, this one dedicated to women and their trials with Veterans Affairs. Taken with all the previous clips, we’re starting to get a good sense of what the show will look like, in advance of Monday’s premiere. (We already know they have one of the most diverse writers’ rooms in late night, too.)

For instance, at the show’s YouTube channel has been rolling out coverage of the shenanigans in Iowa. Here she manages to touch on Trump, Megyn Kelly, and Ted Cruz’s “squeaky weasel voice.”

As well as the evangelicals of Iowa, their starring role in America’s primary process, and the resulting abortion pandering from various conservative candidates.

But judging from the VA spot, she’ll be making full use of her 12 years of interview segment experience. Which is great, because who hasn’t been longing for a saltier, more profane 60 Minutes?


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