Georgetown Law Professor, Who Bemoaned the Bad 'Blacks' In Her Class in Public Zoom, Has Been Swiftly Fired

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Image: Jacquelyn Martin (AP)

On Wednesday night a video of two professors from Georgetown being racist together was uploaded to Twitter. The professors, both white, discussed the “angst” of having “Blacks” in a class, who regularly made up the low performers. “There are a few good ones,” Sandra Sellers, an adjunct professor of negotiations said, referring to the apparently slim group of Black students who met her expectations, while her crusty old-ass colleague nodded along, adding an emphatic “yup” every few seconds.


The video was recorded by a student, presumably after a lecture when the two professors thought they were alone. Sellers in particular, seemed exasperated as if she’d just come off the night shift at a hospital while she shuffled through the papers on her desk bemoaning the race of her students.

The vile interaction drew the ire of students past and present who had been in Sellers’ class and felt the impacts of this bias. Shortly after the video was posted online, the school’s Black Law Students’ Association circulated a letter calling for Sellers to be fired from her position at Georgetown as an adjunct professor.

According to a statement posted on Georgetown Law’s website, the university has terminated its relationship with Sellers. The statement, written by Bill Treanor, the law center’s dean, also explained that Sellers had intended to resign after the incident was shared with university officials earlier in the week. It would appear Treanor beat her to the punch.

David Batson, the professor who yupped his way through a racist conversation about students is being put on administrative leave and will no longer be allowed to interact with his students until an investigation is complete.

I am shocked and pleasantly surprised that an incident of racism in an academic setting was actually met with some sort of swift action as opposed to the usual flip-flopping larger institutions do when something bad happens. It’s almost as if managers are learning their lesson. Almost.


Janet Snakehole37

Can you just imagine how many of these conversations happen unrecorded?