George W. Bush's Niece Engaged to Ralph Lauren's Son

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Former model Lauren Bush and fashion heir David Lauren are engaged, according to Neiman Marcus' Twitter account. Hilarious name change possibility alert!

Will her married name be Lauren Lauren? This is my nightmare, readers. She should have considered the implications of his last name before she started dating him. The idea of dating someone with the last name "Aaron" irrationally terrifies me because I'd hate to get married and start getting mail addressed to "Erin Aaron." No matter how handsome and fabulous, I would be forced to forgo dating someone with my first name as their last name. Sorry. Dealbreaker.

Also, I'm pretty sure that most Ralph Lauren ads are loosely based on an afternoon spent with the Bush family, what with all of the sailing and Connecticut-ness and the gazing wistfully into the gilded horizon while your out-of-frame servants braid your flaxen hair for your big polo match. Being rich is hard, and so very American. Like cowboys, cable knit sweaters, presidential brush clearing, and genocide.


Anyway, mazel tov, you crazy kids.

David Lauren and Lauren Bush Are Engaged [The Gloss]

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Lauren Lau-REN. You know, I think I'd do it just for the weird hilarity of it.

But I have a quirky thing for names. My last name is very distinctive — it's in the title of a very popular movie! — and since my dad's side of the family birthed all girls I feel I need to hang onto it so that it can continue to live. At the same time, I would really love to have a last name that's a verb. There's another scholar in my graduate program named Sandra Heard, seriously how great is that? Just the mere mention of your name could be the beginning of an awesome story. Or Edward Said, if his last name was pronounced like the word it looks like and not Sa-eed. It'd be badass.