George Lopez Kicks Woman Out of His Show For Being Upset By Racist Joke, Calls Her a 'Bitch'

Image via TMZ.

At a live show Saturday night in Phoenix, former ABC star George Lopez made a joke that someone in his audience wasn’t happy about. “There are only 2 rules in the Latino family,” he said. “Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.” A woman in the front row reportedly stood up and gave him the middle finger in response to that “joke,” and that really set him off.


In a video of the incident published by TMZ, Lopez can be seen throwing the kind of tantrum perfected by high school bullies around the world in which you compensate for an inability to craft thoughtful responses to criticism by repeating obscenities and veiled threats ad nauseam until getting your way.

After noticing the woman standing and presumably shooting him the bird, he says, “Sit your fuckin’ ass down! Sit your fuckin’ ass down! I’m talking, bitch. So sit your fucking ass down!” The rest of the audience loves this, so he keeps going and going, like the Energizer bunny’s haggard older brother.

The profoundly juvenile public scolding understandably becomes too much for the woman to handle, so she and her friends get up and leave. “Four seats just opened up front,” Lopez announces, and the audience cheers.


ICYMI, Christie Brinkley is Jesus.


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