George Clooney Reportedly Once Gave 14 of His Best Dude Friends $1 Million Each

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Rande Gerber, who is married to Cindy Crawford and cofounded the tequila company Casamigos with his friend George Clooney, claimed on MSNBC’s Headliners on Wednesday that in 2013 Clooney gave his 14 closest friends $1 million each.

Clooney was, reportedly, not subtle about performing this generous act. Gerber claims that the money was handed off to Clooney’s friends—a group of men that refers to itself as “The Boys”—at a dinner at the actor’s house where he reportedly surprised The Boys with designer suitcases each filled with $1 million dollars-worth of $20 bills. Like Deal or No Deal except without any guessing involved or women present! Inspired by the events of Oceans Eleven.

Clooney then reportedly told The Boys, “I know we’ve all been through some hard times, some of you are still going through it. You don’t have to worry about your kids, you don’t have to worry about, you know, school, you don’t have to worry about paying your mortgage.”


Finally, Clooney announced that he had already paid The Boys’ taxes.

Independently Wealthy Men Giving Money to Independently Wealthy Men: A Love Story.


Sometimes, after I’ve finished a couple of blogging shifts and read my fair share of tabloids for the maintenance of Dirt Bag, I find myself forgetting that a lot of shit that celebrities do (like give away a few million dollars when they really do have millions upon millions of dollars) isn’t actually so special or difficult.


Take, for instance, this People magazine item on Halle Berry’s gift-wrapping prowess. “Hale Berry has a serious gift for wrapping presents,” begins the article before describing several of the Oscar-winning actress’s recent Instagram Stories in which she has apparently wrapped presents in typical ways. One of her signature moves, according to the article is “wrapping twine or ribbon around each package multiple times in just one direction.”

This tip made me realize that I am in fact a professional gift-wrapper. Thank you, Halle Berry.



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Ok I would totally do this if I had that kind of money (minus the ridiculous suitcases and $20 dollar bills). Does that make me a terrible person? I’m pretty sure he donates a fair amount to charity as well and he has more money than he can spend, so it’s not like this is taking away from charity donations or anything. I would totally pay off my friends’ or family members’ mortgages if I could afford do. When you have that kind of money it almost makes you a jerk if you don’t. It does depend entirely on how it’s presented, however.