George Clooney, Hillary Clinton To Take On Darfur

Yes it's possible: George Clooney gets even sexier when he whips out his big brain and talks about issues on Hillary Clinton's mind, namely, the tragedy in Darfur.

Barack Obama is hosting his health care summit today, where there will be lots of discussions and no decisions. Meanwhile, some people have their knickers in a twist that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasn't invited to Obama's health care party, which would be strange given that she is Secretary of State and attending a freaking NATO meeting, getting tough on Iran, and dealing with the fallout from the indictment of the President of the Sudan by the International Criminal Court — which was applauded by George Clooney in an extremely well-written column that made him seem even more sexy than normal. (Related: Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf has called for former Senate Majority Leader Bill "Cat-Killer" Frist to be named as Clinton's Darfur envoy.


Elsewhere in Washington, Senator Patrick Leahy wants a Truth Commission to investigate the Bushies, but he's about to get a shot at Karl Rove and Harriet Miers under oath as they've just worked out a deal to prevent Obama from having to screw over his own staff on executive privilege. That's probably two less gray hairs on Obama's head for both the Washington Post and the New York Times to obsess over, leaving us plenty of time to talk about the Obama girls' new swingset of awesomeness and the first birthday of Rielle Hunter's child, who John Edwards, of course, swears is not his.

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