Generous Craigslist Dude Will Share His Bed With You If You're Skinny

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Worried that he'll try to get fresh with you in the middle of the night? Please, don't flatter yourself. He has two other female roommates to do the sex with at his disposal.


Someone who I will go ahead and assume is a man has created quite the chivalrous Craigslist ad, offering exactly one half of his bed (the size of the bed was not disclosed, so it could very well be a twin) and access to a shower and kitchen to keep some poor female from having to live in her car.

Here is the post, titled, "Share my Bedroom so U don't sleep in your car?"

If you are a clean slim female and need a place to sleep, shower and use a kitchen I will offer the other half of my bed for your use. Just sleep in Jammies I have no desire to force myself on you. Just want to keep a roof over your head. I already have 2 female roommates if I want to get laid. Your choice an email with a number would be good.

How very charitable of him. He doesn't even want to assault you, so you don't have to make a thing of it!

Yeah, I'd stick to the car.



As someone who is currently desperately looking for housing at the moment let me tell you, this is pretty tame compared to a lot of the stuff I find in the LA postings. I dunno where this guy is located but man, people can get pretty desperate and other people can work that desperation.

Even I, for a split second was like, "Hmmmm, I'm pretty slim. Maybe..."

Just kidding.

No but seriously, the lesbian couple with two cats still hasn't texted me back about their available room, you guys! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO.