Gender Is Over (If Céline Wants it)

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What makes an article of clothing gender-neutral? By the looks of Céline Dion’s new line of gender-neutral clothing………branding! The singer partnered with children’s clothing desingers NUNUNU to create CÉLINUNUNU, which People describes as a “collection of over 70 stereotype-free styles for kids aged zero to 14Y.” I’m not sure what makes any of it stereotype-free or gender-neutral, other than the fact that I’m being told that it’s stereotype-free and gender-neutral. Is this a well intentioned, though ultimately futile, attempt to fight restrictive gender roles and compulsory gender expression with consumerism and brand worship, or am I just A Bitch too clouded by her own juvenile gender trauma to see how this is fine and who cares I don’t have kids anyway? Sound off in the comments below!


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