Gender-Customizable Emoji May Be Coming Soon

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Last year, emojis reintroduced themselves in different skin tones, and now the Unicode Consortium is considering adding customizations that would allow you to change the gender of existing emoji.

In a new proposal, the changes would be called UTS 52 and are expected to “increase diversity and representation,” according to The Daily Dot.

Mark Davis, the 63-year-old man who co-founded the Unicode Consortium (way back in the ‘80s!) and serves as its president, said to Time that new emoji have to be “something that can be represented in reasonably distinct fashion” to the user and receiver. About the proposed, gender-customizable emoji:

That draft, if we end up approving it, will allow vendors to be able to support a male runner, a female runner, and if they want to, a neutral runner of no specific gender [for example]. It provides for taking a number of different characters and saying, ‘I would like to have a female version.’


Can’t wait for the emoji for female interim CEO!

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I wonder how many female versions are going to be “the current one with a bow and rosy cheeks”