Geishas In Kyoto Sick Of Tourist Attention • Pakistan Launches Investigation Into Taliban Flogging Of Young Girl

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• Kyoto's Tourism Bureau has asked Western tourists to please stop harassing the geishas. In recent years, tourists have begun to hound the young women, sometimes pulling their hair or breaking into their gardens. •


• An Australian study has found that kids whose parents yell at them or hit them are more likely to have difficulty sleeping. No shit, but researchers say they are puzzled as to which came first, the abuse or the sleeping issues. • Actor/audience participation went a bit too far at a recent showing of Neil LaBute's latest play, "reasons to be pretty." • Today's Washington Post profiles several women who chose to undergo preventative double mastectomies. As you might expect, some women are pleased with their decision, while others regret it. • Olestra, the famous fat substitute that was pulled following reports of anal leakage, is now being used to make eco-friendly paints and lubricants. • You know those weird Activia ads with Jamie Lee Curtis? Dannon is currently working on a settlement over allegations that it makes unrealistic claims about Activia's health benefits. • The U.N. reports that violence against women and gays may be on the rise in Syria, although it is possible that they are just seeing more victims willing to come forward. • Canadian moms canceled their protest for the right to breastfeed at public pools after Calgary city officials made it clear that policy does allow them freedom to breastfeed. • Playmobil is suing German priest Marcus Bomhard for his creation of the "Playmo-Bibel," which uses Playmobil toys to act out scenes from the Bible. • Stem cells may be the next big thing in cosmetic surgery: women in Britain will soon be able to get high-tech boob jobs derived from their own fat cells. • Pakistan's Supreme Court has begun an investigation into a recently released video of Taliban members flogging a 17-year-old girl. The identity of the victim is still unknown. • After being washed overboard and away from her owners, Sophie Tucker, an Australian cattle dog, was found stranded but alive on a remote island. • A new study shows that women are better at smelling out body odor than men. Researchers believe that this may have something to do with our ability to choose mates.



I don't want to click on that taliban flogging link because I'm afraid I can't handle any graphic violence today.