Gayle King Is 'Not Trying to Break News' But Harry and William Are Definitely Fighting

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Screenshot: CBS

Gayle King apparently has Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s phone number—and they answer her calls to boot! In a recent chat with the couple, King revealed on CBS This Morning Tuesday that Prince Harry’s rekindled conversations with family abroad were “not productive.”


These royals are absolutely still fighting.

The news comes after the couple’s “bombshell” interview with Oprah, in which they revealed that high-ranking members of the royal family had fretted about the color of their son’s skin. In that same interview, Markle also detailed the extreme toll it took on her mental health, while Harry described his family as “trapped,” and that his father, Prince Charles, had stopped taking his calls.

According to King:

I’m not trying to break news but I did actually call them to see how they were feeling, and it’s true: Harry has talked to his brother, and he has talked to his father too. The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive, but they are glad that they have at least started a conversation.

She continued that “what was still upsetting to them” is that they both believe the firm is behind recent tabloid rumors and stories about them in the U.K., even while the palace claims to want to work things out “privately.” Gayle also revealed that Markle has not personally spoken to anyone from the Royal Family amidst the maelstrom surrounding their exit from monarchy life.



I don’t get it. What’s left to say at this point? Why does anyone think the BRF is going to change?

The Palace is deliberating refusing to investigate Prince Andrew and the comments about Archie’s skin, I assume, because they know damn well what happened, and they don’t care.

Literally the day after the interview, William and Kate visited a school, touting their mental health charity right after their SIL stated the BRF denied her access to mental health services because it would make THEM look bad.

Do not look to the new generation of Royals to change anything. They’re not going to. They don’t have to. Their wealth and fame are dependent on the status quo. Why do you think Kate is trying so hard to convince us she’s a regular mom in all her pre-scripted interviews?

If ever a family who doesn’t care because they don’t have to, it would be this one. Remember why we like elections so much? Yeah this is why.