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Gay Teen Can Go To Prom, But He Can't Go Home

Illustration for article titled Gay Teen Can Go To Prom, But He Cant Go Home

Derrick Martin, whose school (unlike Constance McMillen's) will allow him to take his boyfriend to prom, has been kicked out of the house by his parents "because of the media attention." They could learn something from Constance's awesome granny. []


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I've been championing a distinction between FAMILY and LOVED ONES for some time now and cases like this are why there needs to be a clear distinction.

FAMILY: The people who you have blood ties with. Some fortunate and some unfortunate.

LOVED ONES: The people who accept you as you are, do not make you jump through hoops for their love, are happy to be in and apart of your life. Can be friends, family, hell even caring strangers.

A distinction needs to be made.

Family? Psht. Family taunted me and teased me as a child.

But loved ones? Can I get more of them?