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Gay Dads Find Out They're Going to be Grandpas, Epic Awesomeness Ensues

The Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Youtube Video is practically its own genre, but this one has a twist: The expectant and delighted grandparents are two men. And they're jump-up-and-down excited.


I won't ruin the delight of watching the whole thing yourself, but suffice to say, their joy is contagious. If this is what happens when "traditional" families are destroyed by gay couples, then sign me up.

This makes me wish that there was such thing as a gay grandpa matching service that paired grandchildless gay couples of a certain age with people who can't see their families on the holidays. There'd be sweater wearing and movie renting nonstop laughs for everyone.


Anyway, eat your heart out, NOM.


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My first thought ... I want their kitchen.

Second thought, this is so adorable.