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Gay Dads Adopt 12 Children

Good Morning America brought us a story today of a family that puts The Brady Bunch to shame.


This "Real-life Modern Family" from Arizona centers around Dads Roger and Steven Ham, who have been adopting children since 2003. They first adopted son Michael at age 5 — who just so happened to have five siblings. They decided to reunite the family by adopting them from their other foster families and into their own. Said Steven, "Once we had six, it was like, 'What's one more?'" And this rationale is how you end up with 12 freaking kids. (But seriously, pretty heartwarming.)

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Reminds me of a particularly offensive line in Sarah Palin's most recent book, "The left wants us to believe that any grouping that calls itself a family is worthy of the name." Gross, right?

Anyone who thinks that this level of selflessness does not make for a "real" family is out of their mind.