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Barely weeks after Michael Egan came forward claiming he was sexually assaulted by director Bryan Singer as a teenager, another suit has surfaced with very similar allegations. The new suit is being filed by Egan's own attorney, Jeff Herman, on behalf of a British man who has remained anonymous and is referred to in the lawsuit as "John Doe No 117."

Daily Beast reports that Broadway producer Gary Goddard got in touch with the teenager at age 14 through social media, coaxing the boy with promises of love and stardom to send him sexually explicit photos and videos and also having him do nude web cam sessions. The file goes on to describe an incident, where both Goddard and Bryan Singer sexually assaulted John Doe. As Tim Teeman at the Daily Beast writes:

Goddard violated the law, the suit contends, by traveling to a foreign country for illicit conduct with a minor, and encouraging him to participate in sexual conduct with a view to "visually depicting" it. The nature of the harm allegedly caused by Goddard was "subtle, imperceptible and pernicious." According to the complaint, Goddard is also alleged to have met a minor for sex and to have colluded with Singer in an act of "gender violence" against the teenager in the hotel room.


Goddard's attorney responded to the Daily Beast, saying:

"It is a shame that the specious claim made by Herman in the Egan case has resulted in this new claim that we note is over 10 years old." Grodin said he and Goddard would fully respond to the latest suit when they had properly assessed it. "For now we will say the claims are denied and Gary will vigorously defend."


Herman intends to officially announce the lawsuit tomorrow afternoon in Los Angeles.

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