Garden-Gate: Food Network Uses Faux Obama Veggies • Cat Saves Family From Fire

• The Obamas have been involved in a "veg scam," according to the NY Post. The vegetables used for the January 3rd Iron Chef White House Special were not, in fact, from the first lady's garden. •

• In March, the FDA will consider imposing stricter regulation on tanning beds, and possibly posting stiffer warnings. Tanning beds are currently considered a "Class I device," which puts them in the same category as low-risk medical devices like bandages, despite the fact that tanning beds have been known to cause cancer. • A pet cat is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a sleeping man and his pregnant girlfriend from a fire. The cat noticed the room filling with smoke, and woke his owners by "bugging" them. The couple also had a dog, who apparently did nothing. • A serial rapist has been assaulting elderly women in Texas for the past year, and police still have no clear sketch of the suspect. He generally attacks around dawn, and targets older women with predictable routines. The AP reports that pepper spray has been "flying off the shelves." •

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