Gap Kids Recommends Little Girls Eschew Pants This Winter

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As the temperatures drop, clothing store racks fill with warm snuggly sweaters, cozy fuzzy boots, and child sized black sequined booty shorts. Wait, what?


A reader alerted us to a winter wardrobe suggestion assembled by Gap Kids, and I'm not sure what's more WTF about it — the weird insistence on "sexiness" or its stunning lack of practicality. What's a kid supposed to do with an outfit like this? Not go sledding, snow angeling, or ice skating, that's for damn sure. The implied sweater-wearing also means that more high energy indoor activities, like discoing or, uh, present opening would render the wearer sweaty. This is just a recipe for un-fun times.

I suppose this is what happens when five-year-olds are allowed to dress themselves using only Bratz clothing.

Kids Clothing: Girls Clothing We Love [Gap Kids]


When I attended high school, back when dinosaurs roamed free (the early 90s), this was my uniform. Flannel shirt layered over a tank top, cut-off jean shorts over tights, combat boots. Rarely did I wear a winter jacket, because my mother bought me a fake 'jean' winter jacket with a sewn in 'hoodie' because 'that's what the kids are all wearing now'. There are candids of me wearing variations of this outfit in the year book, like a running gag.

In short, I would totally let my kid dress like this. Hell, I'd dress like that if I thought sequined hot pants were an appropriate work choice.