Game of Thrones Gives Us What We Really Want: A Cat Named Ser Pounce

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There are many shocking twists and turns and many more horrific controversies we've had to endure as Game of Thrones fans. But now the show finally gives us all what we really only exist for as a species—a cat named Ser Pounce.


OBLIGATORY SPOILER ALERT. I don't know for what, though. If you're reading a Game of Thrones post on an Internet blog expecting that no one will tell you a major plot point that happened more than two weeks ago, you need some serious help. I mean it. For the rest of you who are still reading and haven't skipped to the comment section to post a raging "UGHHHHH NOOOOO I BOUGHT SEASON ONE ON DVD LAST YEAR I STILL HAVEN'T STARTED WATCHING, WHY ARE YOU RUINING MY LIFE," here's a really adorable story about a cat that the dead King Joffrey didn't like. Via Mashable:

[Ser Pounce]— in the books he's a kitten, but a full-grown cat on TV — pounced at a great time Sunday night, just as Margaery Tyrell, whose boy-king bridegroom Joffrey has just been murdered, is sidling up to his little brother Tommen Baratheon for some stuff that Nancy Grace would be pretty steamed about.


When "Ser Pounce" jumps on the bed and breaks the tension! Oh, brave Ser Pounce! "Joffrey didn't like him," Tommen says, in a moment that breaks the ice and plays right into Margaery's hands. "He threatened to skin him alive and mix his innards up in my food so I wouldn't know I was eating him."

If Game of Thrones were more cat-centric it would be way more terrifying to us mere human beings. It would be banned in hundreds of countries and world leaders would be repeatedly meeting to make sure our Cat Overlords weren't getting any crazy ideas from watching it.

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