Gabrielle Giffords Was All Smiles At Husband's Retirement Ceremony

In a rare public appearance yesterday, Representative Gabrielle Giffords attended at an event to mark her husband Mark Kelly's retirement from the Navy. She appeared to be even stronger than when she was last in Washington in August. At one point during the ceremony, she was able to pin a medal on Kelly's jacket, and, while she didn't make any statements, she offered up plenty of smiles.


Giffords and her astronaut husband continue to be the world's most inspirational couple—even Vice President Joe Biden agrees: "It's not every day you encounter examples of sheer, sheer courage and selflessness and dedication like you see in this couple." In his remarks to the audience, Kelly said of his wife, "Gabby, you remind me every day to deny the acceptance of failure. I look forward to the next phase of our life together and watching all of your future achievements." They're too much! So far the next phase includes plans to release a memoir together next month, which will probably make us all feel totally lazy and inferior while also being incredibly heart-warming.

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