Gabourey Sidibe Gets A Kiss From Her Crush Brian Williams, Makes Us Jealous

Gabby Sidibe was on Today this morning, where she stood next to her crush, Brian Williams. "We've done a few charity events together. We've had our moments," BriWi admitted. "We might as well say it in front of everybody." Then Gabby said, "Kind of in love with Brian Williams!" And giggle-snorted. Pretty damn cute. Also, does anyone remember when Howard Stern said Gabby was "enormous" and would never have a career? And some casting director said Gabby would have to lose weight "if she wants to keep getting parts"? She's still on The Big C — which has been renewed for a third season — and she's in the big-budget flick Tower Heist, alongside Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. Poor thing, shame about her career.



I'm Ron Burgundy?

Yes, cause we know Tower Heist is going to be a blockbuster.

I'm not hating on her career, but let's not act like this movie is going to get her the next big oscar bait-worthy film that Precious could have gotten her.

She had the right moment to get onto a certain career track, and the one she's chosen is fun. But let's stop fooling that she is going to be some amazing star. Probably not gonna happen.