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Gabby Sidibe Is "Big" ... Compared To "Abnormally Tiny People"

Illustration for article titled Gabby Sidibe Is Big ... Compared To Abnormally Tiny People

Says a friend of blogger Molly Knefel: "it's a combination of the camera, which adds weight to everyone, and the context she's in– on a red carpet full of abnormally tiny people, she certainly stands out." [True/Slant]


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Kitty Conner

Anybody ever see the Rachel Bilson picture that was floating around a while back? She's with "normal" girls in swimsuits and her abnormal tinyness is remarkable.

It was striking. I saw it at a pretty body-unhappy time in my life and it was such a lightbulb moment. That the famous people in pictures just aren't like me. And that was okay.

I'll go look for it. It's such a clear demonstration of the "red carpet full of abnormally tiny people."