Fyre Festival Scammer Billy McFarland Asks for Early Prison Release

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Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival founder who scammed attendees and defrauded investors, is requesting an early release due to concerns about covid-19. He’s currently serving a six-year sentence at Elkton federal prison in Ohio.


The Hollywood Reporter reported on court documents filed by McFarland’s lawyers, who are arguing for an early release because of his pre-existing conditions, including being diagnosed with asthma as a teenager, having heart issues while in jail, and existing on the “extreme” scale on the allergy spectrum. His lawyers say they “make him particularly vulnerable to catching and suffering from severe or fatal consequences of the virus.”

At Elkton federal prison, four prisoners have already died due to coronavirus complications. And despite rising positive diagnosis rates among American prisoners across the country, efforts to release inmates are moving slowly.

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Short answer, NO!
All of a sudden he’s an invalid with more pre-existing conditions than a meth head grandma. Teen asthma? Yeah right. Jail house heart issues? That’s the fear the privileged realize when they are locked up with real criminals. And that ““extreme” scale on the allergy spectrum” is him not liking the smell of incarceration. He can kick rocks, make license plates and do his bid.

I don’t really feel that intense about it. But a lot of other people in jail need to get out way before he does and I’m tired of seeing celebs trying to get sprung when they deserve to stay inside.