FYI The Puppy’s Name Is Sushi

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in Brooklyn, New York. The sun is out, my Echo Dot just informed that the high today is 78 (a perfect summer temperature), and I’m getting ready to pour a cup of coffee and rip open a cup of yogurt. (I eat Siggi’s plain, which is gross for like 5-8 days at which point it suddenly becomes good.) Oh! FYI, the puppy’s name is Sushi.


The puppy, if you’ll recall from one of last week’s Dirt Bags, is a improbably small Pomeranian currently owned by North West. It looks like one of my cat’s hairballs after a keratin treatment, and Penelope Disick (North’s cousin) has one just like it.

But let’s get back to the name, which wasn’t always going to be Sushi. In fact, when Kim Kardashian asked her Twitter followers to help name it, they selected Peachy Pop (Peaches). But those kinds of polls aren’t binding, so she went with Sushi.

FYI, the puppy’s name is Sushi.


Comedian Leslie Jones stayed at LA’s Ritz-Carlton hotel over the weekend (she was there to host the BET Awards), and apparently had a shitty time because their employees “don’t like black people.”


In a Tweet published Monday night, she wrote:


Neither she nor the hotel chain have responded to requests for comment from media outlets, but I suspect we’ll get some additional details in the coming days.


Eminem has a beard, and I feel sick.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

I would have gone with“Boaty McBoatface” as the pup’s name.