FYI, Kate Middleton Doesn't Sweat

Of course she doesn’t.

The royals continued their travels today with a three-hour hike in the mountains of Bhutan to visit the Tiger’s Nest monastery. Vanity Fair points to the Daily Mail’s summary of the pair’s state once they arrived at their destination: “While the prince was seen wiping sweat from his brow, his wife appeared unfazed by the climb and simply pushed her hair back from her face with her sunglasses.”


Look at the sheer misery in every line of Will’s body.

Before launching into his diplomatic spiel about the beauty of this important religious site, he admitted, “It was quite tough on the way up.” When they bumped into reporters on their way back down, he asked them, “Are you sure you didn’t just get off a donkey? I wish I had!” Perhaps the most relatable moment of his entire life.

Photo via Getty Images.


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