Have you ever been with a dude whose attitude to period sex was not merely "why not?" but active enthusiasm? Well, they're out there, and they are more than happy to pick Aunt Flow up at the airport.

This comes from New York's Maureen O'Connor and her thorough examination of the subject of period sex. We're not talking about the kind of period sex where you're on the rag but you're horny so you put down a towel and have at it. No, we're talking about the gents she's dubbed "blood hounds," who are connoisseurs of the deed done during that time of the month.

Even among the men who love period sex, there's a split. Some are really keen on the ancillary benefits, like the horniness and free lube: "The ability to trigger cascading orgasmic freak-outs, he said, was incentive enough to perform cunnilingus on vaginas that tasted 'like very rare steak' and postcoital imagery he likened to 'human carnage.'"

But then there are the true enthusiasts, who're all about the blood, the smell, the whole rigamarole. Some key lines:

  • "The story involved period blood all over the musician's face and the menstrual version of a shit-eating grin."
  • "'He said it was sweet, like actually sugary-sweet,' she continued. 'He also said every girl tasted different. Oh God, he's done period-sex taste tests. Oh God. Oh God.'"
  • " To her surprise, David was into it from day one, proclaiming the situation 'hot' even as he emerged from sex smeared from waist to thigh in menstrual blood. 'He said 'the musk' turned him on.'"
  • "He ate me out A LOT. No tampon. I was like, 'Why can't I just keep a small tampon in?' And he goes, get this, 'The string grosses me out.'"
  • "Some reasons are physical and hormonal; others practical; and many more are tied to erotic associations and pride in reveling in the uncensored female body. In men, such pride is a modern sort of machismo, one defined by hardcore connoisseurship — much like a chest-thumping dude-foodie who develops a taste for offal."
  • "The worst was when he'd text, 'We haven't had strawberries-and-cream sex in a while.'"


I'd say it's like any other sex-related thing: Enthusiasm is great, nagging is not. Nobody likes a period-sex pest.

Photo via Shutterstock/Lukas Majercik.