Future Rad Parents Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Throw Rad Baby Shower

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Ever since Chrissy Teigen announced her pregnancy, she and her husband John Legend have inspired in me contradictory desires: I want to be best friends with them. I also—however irrationally—want to be their child. And today, as the couple released footage from Teigen’s baby shower, this pairing of emotions became ever more pronounced.


As E! Online reports, Chrissy Teigen celebrated the future arrival of Baby Girl Legend “at Material Good in the Big Apple, a space designed to resemble a chic city life apartment.” The couple documented the festivities on Instagram, further reminding us that they are super rad human beings living a super rad life, and that, imminently, they will be super rad parents.

At the party, Legend ensured that no paternity tests would be necessary by broadcasting his role in Teigen’s pregnancy:

Of course, if anyone is entitled to a crown in these circumstances, it’s Teigen. But don’t worry: she knows that.

Ostensibly referring to Baby Legend and herself, Teigen captioned an arrangement of ruffled onesie and baby carriage-shaped cookies, “Luckiest girls around.” And are those milk bottles obscured by the crowns? Pretty damned cute.


Teigen’s ensemble, “a gold and white trench coat covered in a print of horses layered over a curve-hugging white dress with nude strappy heels” was equal parts elegant and sexy. The trench looks especially lovely against her honeyed skin tone. No matter that I’d be forced to take out a small mortgage for one of my own—it’s my new most-coveted article of clothing.


Of course they brought their dog.

If Baby Legend’s arrival is being celebrated with such largesse, goodness knows what her first birthday party will involve. But in the meantime, congratulations to Chrissy Teigen for wearing her pregnancy like a goddamn earth goddess — and to John Legend for being her chosen mate.


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$7Coffee - aka Pat Toomey is a Shit Weasel

I just love them. I hope they have a big fat healthy baby that I can obsess over too.