Furry Loses Permission To Be Legally Furry

Illustration for article titled Furry Loses Permission To Be Legally Furry

A man described rather snidely as "a single, unemployed computer technician," was denied a legal name change. "Backing up his bid are friends — including one named Hobnose Bordercollie — who say they already call him Boomer the Dog."


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I'm fascinated by Furries. In fact, my friends and I go to FurCon every year just for the opportunity to observe and attempt to understand. We usually end up getting drunk with them in one of the raging hotel room parties.

The above is me at last year's event. I have no recollection of putting that thing on my head, just a very vague recollection of flirting with the cute Danish couple that it belonged to. Oh, and the chicken dance I had to perform in order to get a wristband and therefore unlimited access to their open bar.

In our drunken stupor, all we've been able to ascertain over the years is that Furries are predominantly gay males (at least at this Con) and take the Furry lifestyle very seriously. And they throw BITCHIN' parties. Especially the Klingons.