We love it when we get emails from drive-by readers - they are often older, usually female, and definitely conservative - about posts we did years ago. Take these missives from "Jacky7777" last night:

9:31pm (Subject Header: "Regarding Faith Hill"):

Dear Jezebel- I guess the name fits! Why don't you people get a LIFE and leave good honest artists Alone! It gets me so mad when I see people like you and your Team try to mess up other people lives. Fait is a down to earth, Superstar artist, performer, wife and Mom. Thank You


9:35pm (Subject Header: "Faith Hill")

Hello, As a fan of Faith Hill- why don't you and your Team get a life and stop trying to mess up Good Artists lives. Faith is a down to earth Superstar, performer, wife and mom. We fans see her without make-up and she has a inner and outer beauty- you guys will never see!! Thank You


Love the random capitalizations. But at least she's somewhat polite!

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