Funeral Home Buries Wrong Woman Despite Husband's Insistence That She Was Not His Wife

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Cohabiting with someone for 51-years is usually pretty good grounds to be able to identify that person's dead body, but apparently that wasn't a reasonable enough qualification for the Simpson Family Mortuary of Inglewood, California, a business that, upon being informed by 73-year-old Evan Davidson that the woman they were burying was not his wife, told him that he was very much mistaken.


"I looked at her and said, ‘Well this don't look like my wife at all,'" Davidson told his local ABC news affiliate. "They kept telling me it was, but it's just because she had been embalmed and she was sick."

Days after the burial of Davidson's not-wife, he was contacted by the mortuary and asked to come and identify a body — a body that he recognized immediately, probably because it was the body of the woman who he spent the last half century with.

"I saw my wife," he said. "And the shock just knocked me down."

In addition to his wife, Davidson also encountered a living woman who was "jumping up and down," hysterical about the misplacement of her mother whose corpse was currently occupying Ms. Davidson's grave.


The Simpson Family Mortuary is now offering to exhume the body and pay for the reburial of both women, which is the least they can do, but, really, why give up on their initial tactic of telling their clients that they are unable to identify their own loved ones? Maybe Mr. Davidson was married to the other woman, but just didn't know it. Maybe the other woman's daughter was actually his wife's daughter. Maybe they're both Dick Witman. Because, really, what do they know?

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