Full House Without Michelle Is Disturbing and Far More Enjoyable

Those of us who grew up in the '90s are likely well familiar with the Tanners, the central family on the hit sitcom Full House. There was widower Danny, his brother-in-law Jesse (whose last name was Katsopolis, but still), his best friend Joey (also not an official Tanner) and his three daughters DJ, Stephanie and that feral goblin baby Michelle.


So what happens when you take Michelle, the worst part of the show, out of it entirely? Well, as one creative editor discovered, it gets a whole lot more creepy and engaging. Imagine a Full House world where Michelle Tanner was actually a little ghost girl, doomed to forever haunt a Victorian in Alamo Square. It sounds like an instant TV classic.

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I must be officially an old because reading that first paragraph was such a weird flashback to skipping the first chapter of each of the BSC and Sleepover Friends books. Duh, I KNOW THIS PART ALREADY.