Full Frontal Gives Us a Hot New FOIA Tutorial for Spring

Here’s some good, clean fun for people considering getting into make up tutorials on YouTube or filing FOIA reports with the government. It’s a very gentle introduction to both.


Full Frontal With Samantha Bee shared this video of writer Ashley Nicole Black cheerfully leading viewers through the process of filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act, allowing them to access records on their government for big scoops or their own intel. “It’s a totally basic look that anyone can do,” says Black.

“So I like to ask for ‘any and all documents pertaining to,’” Black explains as she goes through the form, adding, “I’m really loving that phrase for this season.”


She continues, “And if you don’t get this look right the first time, always appeal. This is really great technique because you can literally use this to get a lot of information, and that is your right.”

After listing all the government agency records an FOIA form can put at our manicured fingered tips, from the EPA to the Justice Department, Black states, “I want to see this look trending, ladies! Stay beautiful and stay resistant.”

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Hot take: All high school students should have to pass a civics/American government class before graduating, and this class should include instructions on how to make a FOIA request (along with each student actually making one.)

It’s your right, you don’t have to justify it with a job and not many people know how to do one.