Full Breaking Dawn Trailer Features Post-Coital Wreckage & Vampire Baby Bump

Illustration for article titled Full emBreaking Dawn/em Trailer Features Post-Coital Wreckage  Vampire Baby Bump

Warning Twilight superfans and/or 14-year-old girls: The following trailer contains scenes of an extremely pretty wedding, absurdly intense sparkle vamp sex, and plenty of arguing about the monstrous contents of Bella's uterus. Try to control your squeeing for the safety of yourself and others.


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Jane, you ignorant slut.

I've read the books. I'll admit it. I was overseas with the Army and extremely bored. These were available.

The first three were pretty forgettable. But I will always sort of love Breaking Dawn for the batshit-insanity of it all. It's like Meyer woke up one morning and remembered that vampires were creatures that had their roots in horror stories, and so she wrote the shit out of a modern-day gothic epic. Bella's scene of giving birth is quite enjoyable to read, particularly.

Anyway, that's my extremely mild defense of Twilight.