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Fuck, MoviePass Is Implementing Surge Pricing

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2018 hasn’t really taught me lessons so much as affirmed every one of my cynicisms, however I must admit I’ve learned one thing: Going to the movies is free.


I learned this from MoviePass, a capitalist company that seemingly does socialism by allowing me to see any film playing at any cinema for the low low price of $10/month. Reportedly, the joy ride will soon be coming to an unsettling close.

Business Insider reported on Thursday that MoviePass is going the way of Uber in implementing surge pricing—on popular films, not times—as well as a bring-a-friend option. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said MoviePass is planning to add a “high demand” charge to popular movies beginning in July (starts at $2 and will probably work its way up). There will also be new premium pricing for 3-D and IMAX tickets, priced at between $2 and $6.


The bring-a-friend feature is expected to roll out this August and will allow MoviePass holders to reserve an additional ticket for “somewhere near the retail price of the ticket,” according to Lowe. SEC filings show that MoviePass lost $40 million in May, due to its own popularity.

On the bright side, a selfish side, the fact that I mostly see wildly unpopular movies in theater will finally pay off! This is like…a tax on superhero movies!

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Yo...MTV Raps!

I’d pay for a pass that somehow negated the 30-45 minutes of obnoxious advertising that plays before the movie begins.

You know, something that acknowledges your expectations to not be sold to at MAXIMUM VOLUME, simply because you happen to be in a movie theater.