Frozen Pants Is a Chill Trend in Minnesota

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It’s winter. Gather the family ’round the snow dunes and get into this new pastime: Frozen pants.

Bored Minnesotan Tom Grotting is the proud daddy of the pants-freezing trend that’s taking the nation by storm. Known around town for his creative displays, the king of frozen pants has been freezing pants ever since the Polar Vortex hit Minnesota several years ago.

“It was just on us for weeks on end so I took advantage of the Polar Vortex and froze some pants,” he told ABC News. And now, “All over Northeast Minneapolis, people are freezing their pants. There is no end in sight.”


Out: Building snowmen. In: Frozen pants. Exactly how he gets these pants frozen is somewhat of an art:

Grotting soaks the pants in a bucket of water and then hangs them outside, sculpting them as they freeze. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes, he said.

Well, no doubt, this #frozenpants trend will make winter a little bit easier to bear, a little bit funner perhaps. Try it this weekend.


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This is basically a Dr. Seuss book...