French Women Don't Get Fat (Enough)

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"France has by far the highest proportion of clinically underweight women in Europe, but only half of them think they are too thin, according to a new study." [AFP]


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I live in Paris and here are partial explanations:

- tiny apartments and no tv. There is no way you can stay home in front of the tube all night. Fridges are small in most apartments.

- The streets are a big catwalk where everyone shows off all day just for fun.

- I keep being surprised that everyone systematically eats dessert at every meal too. But I rarely see anyone snacking.

- EVERYBODY smokes.

-The service in restaurants is really slow which might also explain the little food consumed in a a very long period of time.

- no one drinks lattes and the other Starbucks drinks.

- you spend your money shopping and not eating.

I moved here 7 months ago and I am still losing weight, even though I am totally fetishizing food here and have stopped "controlled exercising" completely.