French Mayor Might Ditch Town of 'Assholes' Who Voted For Marine Le Pen

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Daniel Delomez, the mayor of a town in northern France and my new favorite politician, is considering stepping down because he’s rightfully pissed so many of his asshole constituents voted for the French Donald Trump.


38 percent of the population of Annezin voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round of France’s presidential elections. Delomez later called the results a “catastrophe” and said he might quit, telling a journalist: “I do not want to devote my life to assholes.”

That is real as hell.

Ya, dude, I wouldn’t either! I’m irritated I even have to pay taxes that benefit assholes who certainly don’t give a shit about me or my wellbeing—much less spend my days trying to make life better for a bunch of people who would rather watch the world burn than just be nicer to some brown people who practice a different religion than them.

However, this is politics, after all, and Delomez has since apologized for his remarks. Via HuffPost:

Delomez later said he regretted using the offensive word, which he insisted is “not part of my vocabulary.” He said he was reacting in shock and anger when authorities announced the outcome of first-round ballots.


Sure, sure. I believe he wished he hadn’t said it to a journalist. I believe Delomez would have rather used another descriptor—“xenophobic dumbfucks,” or “backwards-ass nitwits” perhaps. But I do not believe he is remotely sorry for having said what he did.

Interestingly, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the race’s far-left candidate, received the second most votes in town with a 19 percent turnout, which makes me feel like I need to visit Annezin immediately because what the hell is going on over there?


Delomez is reportedly rather serious about his threat and is consulting with associates before he makes a decision.

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Cathy Ames-Trask, fka Angelica Schuyler

I gotta say, watching the French election post Trump is a dread-packed endeavor. At least with Brexit I, sweet summer child that I was, could say “u fuckin morons.”