French Elle Launches Plus-Size Special Issue

Illustration for article titled French iElle/i Launches Plus-Size Special Issue

The cover of French Elle's April issue — its first-ever issue dedicated to plus-size models — features Tara Lynn, previously of a certain V spread. And we hope we'll see that editorial with Amy Lemons that we've been awaiting. [PlusSizeTall]


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What terrifies me the most is that if you click on the link the first comment is about how the French can't defend themselves in the time of war.

That was 60 years ago! I don't why people still focus on one surrender. Jesus Christ, French warships help us beat the British 200 some odd years ago.

Seriously, if people wanted to focus on our fuck ups over the last 60 years I'm fairly sure they could make us look like shit too.

Sorry for going off on a rant here - but at least several times a year I have to listen to an American tourist tell some bartender or waiter "we saved your ass in World War II" and that for that reason he thinks he should get a free shot/the chance to grab the ass of a random French girl and I'm tired of it.