French, British Battle Over G-Spot

In what will surely go down in history as a second Norman Conquest, French scientists have trounced British claims that the g-spot doesn't exist.

Researchers at King's College London found that identical twins were no more likely to both report having a g-spot than fraternal twins, suggesting that the spot may not have a genetic basis. But the French spit all over their silly English twin study. Says Sylvain Mimoun, France's most famous gynecologist (and thus a man ripe for comedic parody), "The English study is barking up the wrong tree. [...] It is not a question of genetics but of use."


Convening at a "G-Day" conference yesterday, many French scientists dismissed British dismissal of the g-spot as evidence of Britain's overly clinical attitude to sex. According to Lizzy Davies of The Guardian, the French love docs said reports of the g-spot's death were due to "an Anglo-Saxon tendency to reduce the mysteries of sexuality to absolutes." Surgeon Pierre Foldès said, "The King's College study ... shows a lack of respect for what women say. The conclusions were completely erroneous because they were based solely on genetic observations and it is clear that in female sexuality there is a variability ... It cannot be reduced to a 'yes' or 'no', or an 'on' or an 'off'."

Indeed, coverage of the British study did seem to downplay the fact that half of the women surveyed did report having a g-spot, and that these women also reported being more satisfied with their sex partners. The researchers also didn't give the women a definition of the g-spot, and, perhaps most annoyingly, they were only concerned with whether the area could be stimulated by penile-vaginal intercoures. Asks Scicurious, "if the G-spot anatomically exists, who's to say it can only be stimulated by a penis? Who's to say the penis is even the most effective instrument for this?"

Gynecologist Odile Buisson basically accused the British of thinking with their dicks: "I don't want to stigmatise at all but I think the Protestant, liberal, Anglo-Saxon character means you are very pragmatic. There has to be a cause for everything, a gene for everything. I think it's totalitarian." I don't want to stigmatise at all is apparently French for no offense. And Mimoun reminded the conference that there's more to female sexuality than P in the V: "In discovering the sensitive parts of her own body, this sensitive zone [the G-spot] will become more and more functional. But if she has never touched it and no one else has ever touched it ... it won't exist for her as a consequence." "I wave my private parts at your aunties," he added.

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God bless the French. Just when you're thinking their wine is overrated and the Belgians make better fries anyway, they do something like this to remind us all why we keep them around.