#FreetheDick, Bring Back #EggplantFriday

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RIP #EggplantFriday. We hardly got a chance to thirst ye. If you search for that hashtag on Instagram now, instead of being greeted with more dick prints than a girl one could ask for, it's just a dick-less abyss.


In case you're like "huh, what is this? I'm intrigued," all you need to know is that the eggplant is an emoji that's universally accepted by millennials as a penis symbol. And that it became a hashtag (B.o.B. pictured above). But now the stuffy folks over at Instagram have erased it from the app's search engine for unknown reasons (too many graphic images perhaps).

According to TMZ:

The hashtag had been used by thousands of people, like B.O.B. ... to post pics of their covered, yet bulging junk — but Instagram pulled the hashtag from its search filter this week ... leaving women (and men) across America with no "eggplant" eye candy.

Calls to Instagram have not been returned — but considering IG"s stance on boobs and nudity in general ... pretty clear why they 86'd it.


So please, free the dick and bring back #EggplantFriday.

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i thought bananas were dicks and melons were boobs.

-confused millenial

maybe i havent caught the wind of this bc my internet life is happily devoid of dicks

im curious, does any one enjoy recieving dick pics? like has anyone sent a beautiful dick pic ever?