Fraternity Suspended After Throwing MLK Day Party with Watermelon Cups

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Here we go again. Tau Kappa Epsilon, a fraternity at Arizona State University was suspended this week after throwing (and I can't believe I'm actually writing this) a particularly offensive Martin Luther King, Jr. Day party, in which participants dressed in basketball jerseys, flashed gang signs and drank from watermelon shaped cups.

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Oh gross.

"This isn't appropriate at all and you really have no business dressing like this on a day that's sort of revered for African-Americans," said ASU senior Frank Hogan after seeing some of the pictures. "I think this represents the ignorance that still exists today. This is just one example of the kind of things that occur here," stated Kaajal Koranteng, also a senior.

A spokesman from the local chapter who would only identify himself as Cole would not comment on the party or investigation. Rather, he told CBS 5 News to contact the national organization for TKE. "We are aware of the situation. We have been contacted and we have been in contact with the local chapter and the university," explained Patrick Gleason, the director of Compliance and Housing for the national organization, based out of Indianapolis.

And surprise; this isn't the first time the frat in question had landed in hot water. They were just reinstated in December after being suspended for inappropriate conduct that included a fight. Well, I'm sure this time they'll really turn things around!

This incident is just the latest in a needlessly long, sad line of dumb racist parties thrown by America's finest university students who for some goddamn reason still can't seem to get it in their heads that dressing up in costumes to make fun of other racial groups is a bad idea. Just a really, really bad fucking idea.


No word yet on if there will be further punishment aside from the suspension for this fraternity, or for how long it will take before young people stop doing stupid crap like this.

"They obviously need to be checked on what they're doing, how they're acting and how they're presenting themselves. Not only as a fraternity of brothers, but as people," said Hogan, in what is clearly the winning understatement thus far of 2014.


Kat Callahan

...Oh God. AGAIN?

Children, let me tell you a story of why I did not join a chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon (but of course, all orgs have terrible chapters, that's the point of the story here). In Spring of 2001, I rushed SigEp you see, and I was a pledge. I was tasked with bringing booze (... I was 18 you understand, already a baaaaad sign). I show up to the backyard of the house to find:

This exact same shit. Blackface, malt liquor 40s, heavy bling, sports jerseys. I dropped the alcohol on the table, calmly took off my pledge pin, dropped it on the table, and got the hell out of there. It only dawned on me as I walked away: the reason I wasn't in class was because it was MLK, Jr. Day.

Same shit, different org, different year.

I eventually did give the Greek System another chanceā€”a decade later. But that is a story for another time.