Fratboy-In-Chief Gets The Boot At Tribune

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What's the best way to get your sketchtastic, sexually-harassing boss out? Get The New York Times to do an investigation, apparently.


The Times now reports that the board of the Tribune company is going to ask for the resignation of CEO Randy Michaels, not long after his buddy, "chief innovation offer" Lee Abrams was fired for sending The Onion slut video to employees (the last straw at a sensitive time, apparently.)


In case you missed it, the original investigation turned up numerous examples of financial mismanagement, bizarre public pronouncements, and the following sexually-inflected misconduct:

  • Michaels getting wasted in front of employees, saying, "Watch this," and offering a waitress $100 to show her breasts.
  • A new senior female employee being introduced in a memo as "a former waitress at Knockers - the Place for Hot Racks and Cold Brews."
  • Michaels and another top executive loudly talking about the "sexual suitability of various employees" within earshot of several employees.
  • The company's owner telling the female editor of the Chicago Tribune about the paper's coverage of Rod Blagojevich: "Don't be a pussy" when she said she thought their coverage had been sufficiently tough.

We congratulate the unfortunate employees on the end of their long nightmare.

Tribune Is Said To Seek Chief's Resignation [NYT]

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Many of these things - and worse! - occurred at the last job I had waitressing. It's seen as unavoidable and a part of the job in the college bar scene, particularly those owned/managed by all men in their 20's. It shouldn't be - but the service industry is a very dis-empowering place to work. Everybody knows how easy it is to replace you, and how difficult it would be to actually file a complaint/get it backed up.

It is so nice to work in a "professional" job with actual enforcable sexual harassment policies (and coworkers who wouldn't do it anyway) - but even that offers no guarantees. That said, I'm so glad to hear this guy got fired. Frat boy sexism really needs to be seen as the problem it is - and met with real consequences.