France May Revoke Citizenship For Polygamy, Genital Mutilation

Illustration for article titled France May Revoke Citizenship For Polygamy, Genital Mutilation

France's interior minister has said there is a possibility that immigrants, and even French-born citizens of foreign background, could have their nationality withdrawn. Brice Hortefeux says those involved with "serious wrongdoing" shouldn't be allowed to call themselves French.


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This law does not seem to respect the universal declaration of human rights. According to article 15:

- Everyone has the right to a nationality

- No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality

I'm curious, for those of you with a background in international law:

- Would the French government be able to argue that such expulsion was not arbitrary, since other crimes are not punishable with exile?

- If a person has only one citizenship, wouldn't exiling them contravene their right to a nationality?

- Is France in any way legally bound to follow the declaration?