France Expected To Pass Veil Ban Today

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Today the French parliament will vote on whether to ban women from wearing full veils in all public places — even in the street. Once passed through the lower house, the ban will be examined by France's constitutional watchdog.

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You know, I love living in France but I'm really sick and tired of their fucking racism against Arabs. They are a huge part of the French population and treating them like shit is pointless.

The point of the veil ban isn't to protect French Arab women who might be forced to wear it - it's a message to the Arab community that they are not welcome in France.

And the thing about it being for security reasons is complete bullshit.

A little over a week ago a young Arab man studying here for his masters was kicked to death by three white French students outside a nightclub three blocks from my apartment.

The entire thing was captured on CCTV, yet somehow only one of the kids has been arrested - even though pretty much everyone in town knows exactly who they are - and they are on video.

And, the local paper didn't even put this on the front page and none of the television stations covered it - and not once have the authorities suggested even once that it may have been a hate crime - which it pretty fucking obviously was.

Instead we have the local police saying that it happened because of severe alcohol intoxication.

Have you ever seen drunks try to fight? They can barely land a punch and are never fucking organized enough to enlist two buddies to help kick a dude to death. They'd fucking trip.

Here is the local news story where they try to blame the murder on the Arab kid trying to bum a cigarette from them as he was leaving the club.


And, I'll say it, it pisses me off that this veil thing is going to become international news, but this really violent hate crime won't even make the newspapers in Paris.

I fucking wish I still had enough credibility in the journalistic community to tip off the New York Times, but, sadly, pretty much burned those bridges when I went into marketing.

Still, my anger at French racism burns like a thousand suns.