Fracking? Lady Gaga Has Never Heard of Her

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A lazy attempt by the Trump campaign to smear Lady Gaga as an “anti-fracking activist” (not a smear, by the way!) bounced right off the singer, who apparently doesn’t know what fracking is.


On Sunday night, White House communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted out a press release from the campaign about Joe Biden’s plans to appear with Gaga in Pennsylvania, which identified her as such in order to portray Biden as out of step with the “forgotten working men and women” in the state.

In response, Gaga tweeted out an Instagram post from her account, where she’d written, “#WINNING (also, what is a fracking?) keep your jobs PA...We ❤️ You.”

I assume Gaga is kidding...but I’m honestly not sure? Either way, I’m glad Gaga didn’t use this opportunity to reveal that she herself is fracking, information RuPaul volunteered earlier this year in an interview with Terry Gross. You never know!

Having learned nothing from the backlash to her sister Kim’s luxe covid birthday bash, Kendall Jenner celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday with what appeared to be a massive Halloween party and no masks in sight.


Like her sister, Jenner reportedly required everyone in attendance to get tested beforehand, but the reliability of the rapid tests administered to Jenner’s guests can vary, and tend to be most accurate in the early stages of infection.

Not to mention that the optics of the whole thing are, let’s say, not great. Despite Jenner’s plea to attendees not to post anything to social media from the event, videos like this one—of a masked waiter holding a birthday cake while Jenner blows out the candlesgot out:


I guess this means a Kardashian-Jenner sister will be paying another visit to the Ellen Degeneres press shop this week.

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Both of these exist:

1.) It is irresponsible BEYOND imagination to expose the waitstaff to someone’s propulsive breath.

2.) I want pull the mask further up the bridge of the waiter’s nose.

Like I want to do with about 40% of the people I see, daily.