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Fox News: "Miss Oklahoma Was Robbed"

This morning on Fox And Friends, the crew quizzed Miss Oklahoma about whether known Arab Rima Fakih won Miss USA fair and square. Hint: some people wonder if she didn't! To her credit, Morgan Woolard didn't take the bait.


Despite having to acknowledge the fact that the questions are randomized, Gretchen Carlson was quite intent on discovering just how Oscar "Nunez" might have rigged the whole thing in order to oppress the all American blonde.


Also, Morgan Woolard supports states' rights, which means states can do whatever they want and she's fine with it, case closed.

Since Jon Stewart is on vacation this week, we'll have to render our own moment of zen now from Steve Doocy and the other guy who isn't Doocy earnestly arguing over whether it was a poledancing contest, a stripper contest, or a radio promotion that Rima Fakih won.

Fox & Friends Asks Miss Oklahoma If Arizona Immigration Question Was A Setup [Mediaite]

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I have the solution. If we eliminate this stupid pageant, it will cease to be a problem.