Fox News Is Hating on Your Pal Kristen Bell

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Heads up: The latest celebrity sure to send your Fox-News-loving Uncle Jeff into conniptions at the dinner table is Kristen Bell. That's because America's foremost sloth admirer had the nerve to suggest that she could afford to pay the taxman a little extra. And Fox News did not approve one bit.


The beef started Wednesday, when Bell tweeted:

Now, she's probably best qualified to comment on the state of her own bank account, but this dispatch did not sit right with Fox host Neil Cavuto. No siree, Bob! "Should the star of Veronica Mars... just go live on Mars?" he asked his viewers last night before launching into a segment about what Bell could do with her opinions:

The real question is why Neil Cavuto thought any of Kristen Bell's fans would care even the littlest bit about what Neil Cavuto thinks.

(h/t New York Daily News)

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So someone dug this up on Twitter a couple of days ago in response to this "controversy:"

It's Chris Hayes writing about Veronica Mars, when it was in its second season, and talking about how Capital-I Important the show is. It's like a perfect little time capsule for any ultra liberals who love Veronica Mars. Amazing.