Fox News Host Is Pretty Sure Nicaraguan Co-Host 'Grew Up on Tacos'

Last time we checked in with Brian Kilmeade, he was super stoked to have a new blonde to say offensive and careless things to, one Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Luckily for Elisabeth, he hasn't limited his attentions to her: on Friday's episode of Fox & Friends, Kilmeade really showed his geographical hand when he said to his Nicaraguan-born, Florida-bred co-host Maria Molina, "You grew up on tacos, correct?"


BuzzFeed's Dorsey Shaw caught this beautiful moment as the Fox & Friends crew ate tacos bright and early to celebrate National Taco Day, an important day of the year if there ever has been an important day of the year. In an attempt to make like the GOP and loop in all those lost Hispanic votes/viewers, some producer at Fox News decided to make sure people knew how to put food into other food with this segment:

Brian: What are tips we need to know to do it correctly? You grew up on tacos, correct?

Elisabeth: You gotta layer it right?

Maria: No I did not grow up on tacos. I'm Nicaraguan. And it's not a native food.

Brian: Oh...I didn't know.

Elisabeth: But if you DID...if you DID grow up on tacos...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, America's superhero.

Fox News Host To Nicaraguan Co-Host: “You Grew Up On Tacos, Correct? [BuzzFeed]



I dunno what is more concerning. The fact that he things everyone from south of Texas grew up on tacos...or the fact that he is literally asking her how to put ingredients in a taco. I mean, I know his IQ is probably like 65,'s a taco. Not a souffle.